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How to Build Virtual Real Estate on the WWW

Starting a Web Site

Web Design for Small- to Mid-sized Business

“I need a Web site. How do I start?”

There are so many considerations for web design and a web site. I truly recommend you not try to go it alone, at least your first time. It’s easy to get confused and frustrated. I know I was when I first started doing more than just writing code for web sites.

Let me break it down as simply as possible.


Domain name is my domain name, my easy-to-find address

Domain Registration may also include:

  • domain search
  • registration
  • privacy
  • forwarding/masking

Sources for Domain Registration:



This is the plot of land that the easy-to-find address sends users to.

Here are some places to purchase your plot of land:



This is the actual structure–exterior (home page), rooms (subpages with content). This helps create the sitemap, which enables Google to crawl your site.

You can learn more about site structure/architecture from this blog on Hubspot.



Some people use their free email accounts with Google, Yahoo, etc. However, to look more professional and be taken more seriously, an email associated with your domain name is highly recommended.

For example:



Once your site is live, you need people to find it. That’s where SEO comes in. Blogging helps to naturally improve your search ranking but over time. (The benefit grows over time–not short-term.)

SEO services are provided through Tactical Social Media in coordination with Sites Realized.

Content Starter Form: Your web designer/developer will tell you they cannot start on your site until you have your content. Your content is the starting point. I created this form to help clarify what your designer/developer is needing. This is a basic form for basic sites. Your designer/developer may need more depending on your site needs. A consultation with a professional will save you time and money in the long-run.

Complete Branding Projects With Web Designs

Shawn Washington, PhD

This is not my first attempt at a new service, but I want to give it my greatest effort. My initial thoughts of a marketing strategy included Rhonda, a person who understands how insane starting a marketing campaign can be. Not only does she give me original designs and concepts, but her marketing counsel is invaluable. She helps to remind me that my services are valuable and meaningful to others. Thank you so much!

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