Complete Identity/Branded Projects

Designing a Logo

Make a visual statement–create an authentic visual foundation of your brand.

The elements of your visual foundation:

  • A brand color palette includes primary, secondary, and tertiary levels of colors.
  • The typography used complement one another, the mood, and the brand story.
  • The mark (if one is to be created)–the icon, or the image that is used with your logo type–style of mark, the strokes, the enclosures (if any), has become more crucial in today’s social media market. Even if a mark isn’t created for the full logo, an alternative version of the logo that fits within a small square space must be developed.

The interaction of the typography, mark, the spatial relationships of the type, colors, type to mark, etc., and the psychological and physiological affects, all contribute to visual voice and message.

Nicole Rosen

We knew what we wanted to convey but didn’t have the design skills needed to create it. With Rhonda’s help we now have a logo, business card designs, letterhead, personalized thank you cards, etc. We love the new brand!

Nicole RosenOwner, PhotographerDiva Photos