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Ideas Take Shape

Designers use the senses to instill the message and/or brand in the minds’ of the clients. Using memory triggers effectively can boost brand recognition and recall making it more likely to get the call when the client has a need or referral.

Signature Portraits: Kerstin K

Natural and everyday beauty is in every woman, but she often loses sight of it from the fog of self-doubt or bad relationships. The idea behind these portrait sessions is to reach inside her and draw out that happy person she once was and can be again by boosting her confidence with gorgeous, minimally edited photos.

Creative Alliance of Tacoma

When my husband asked me recently what my career goals are, I sounded like a starry-eyed child dreaming of things that were as connected to one another as the stars are to me. Nonetheless, I’ve had these dreams for years and for years dreamed that they’d all be happening at once…. That’s when all the stars that had once been so far away and so disconnected aligned into one constellation…in the form of a feline.

Miracle on Martin Way

God is working miracles every day through an unlikely person. He’s a veteran. He’s homeless. He has a record. It’s not in spite of his past but because of it that’s he’s able to do the work God has laid before him.

New Customer Reward, Loyalty Penalty

How would you feel if you’re returning to your favorite store and buying the newest item at full price only to hear the customer next to can get a discount on that same new item…because they’re a “new” customer? After getting the discount, why would the new customer return knowing they’ll always have to pay full price after the first purchase? Why would the loyal customer return if they too will always be paying full price? REWARD loyal customers to keep them returning.

Signature Portraits

Sunday’s photo shoot was with a friend. Thanks to the crazy weather for more than a month, we had to push back the date repeatedly (thanks a lot, snow). It was well worth the wait. We only had two outfits but three hair styles–one natural and two wigs! How fun!