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Branding & Logo Design

A brand encompasses all the ways it’s communicated. Logos are the face of the brand/business since you cannot be everywhere all the time. As the brand’s major graphical representation, a logo anchors a company’s personality and mission and becomes the single most visible manifestation of the company within the target market.

Graphic Design

Design is present everywhere — newspaper, magazines, packaging, branding, websites, posters, books, and signage. It gives your business another visual representation. Just by looking at it you have a feeling and mental position in mind for the product or service. Good design matters.


Shooting women–from teens to 90s–Rhonda uses her warm, friendly nature to uncover that vivacious, intelligent, witty, and sweet personality. Build your confidence and learn to feel comfortable in front the camera with or without makeup and makeovers–everyday beautiful.

Dog-Gone Good Messaging & Design

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Creative Alliance of Tacoma

When my husband asked me recently what my career goals are, I sounded like a starry-eyed child dreaming of things that were as connected to one another as the stars are to me. Nonetheless, I’ve had these dreams for years and for years dreamed that they’d all be happening at once.... That’s when all the stars that had once been so far away and so disconnected aligned into one constellation…in the form of a feline.

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Fix It Fresh logo design by Rhonda Negard and Fat Dog Creatives

Evolution of a Logo: Fix It Fresh

Wendy creates fresh foods packaged weekly for healthy meals that stay fresh. She's smart with her preparation--putting ingredients together that won't wilt, weaken, or sour too soon. Therefore, freshness was the key word for all design concepts.

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Fetching Designs

From the Portfolio

As a graphic designer, photographer, writer, and educator, I work with a client-focused, collaborative spirit. Most of my clients are associations, insurance companies, financial services agencies and broker-dealers, and construction and development companies that desire an experienced, educated professional who knows and understand their industries. While, I hold a BA and MA in communications and speak on communications and design-related topics, I use my experience working for companies within these industries to evaluate the business climate and clients’ needs and synthesize significant amounts of content into smaller, digestible messages both graphically and in writing.

Upscale or Upgrade?

Branding encompasses all the ways a business communicates and feels to its consumers. Where does your brand stand?

At Odds

Business owners are emotionally and financially attached to their business and its products and services. Often, they confess that the business’s visual representation(s) of the brand is at odds with how they feel about their own business. Or, the logo and supporting visuals don’t match how the consumers feel about the business. They don’t represent the business well. They need a facelift.

Next Level

The neighbor’s daughter’s son’s visual representation(s) may be fine for the starter mom-and-pop business, but, as the business grows, it outgrows the original designs and branding (if there ever was one). Jumping from mom-and-pop business to the next level, also means bringing the business’s visual representations and branding strategy to the next level too.


Sometimes, it’s necessary to completely restart. Poor employee attitudes may have affected customer service and turned business away as a result for example. Over time, that can be so significant that a business cannot recover. However, if spotted soon enough, a business can do a complete overhaul, bring those former customers back, and even bring new ones. That takes more than just a new visual branding system. It takes some counseling, education, and a rebirth of enthusiasm.

What is holding business back?

Or, what’s potentially holding business back?

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LiVEgan slide deck

Evolution of a Logo: LiVegan

Mona Chmeis had an idea. Because she's vegan and respects the life of any living, breathing animal, she noticed a gap in the vegan clothing marketing. Mona created LiVegan to provide a safe apparel shopping experience for vegans.
Castle Lane Creations, logo design by Fat Dog Creatives, Rhonda Wood Negard

Evolution of a Logo: Castle Lane

Bryan and Shelly Hinzman, Castle Lane Creations, create custom laser cut and etched gifts. From wood and acrylic to vinyl, they use all types of media for both the art and production. Designed and etched products on wood are some of my favorites of their pieces.

Get Smart, Business and Career Goals for 2017

We hear all the time about the importance of setting goals. “Put a picture of a yacht on your wall and it will soon be yours.” Let’s face it, if that were true, you wouldn’t be able to find a square foot of open water.

Tail Waggers


Sumair Bhasin

Rhonda was great to work with! She helped facilitate a process that is extremely important for every business owner. I would even call her an alchemist. She was able to take my ideas, sketches, and vision and turn it into a logo that I will continue to use for years to come! What’s more is that people are inspired by just looking at the logo. That’s all I could have ever wanted. Highly recommended!

Sumair BhasinOwner and Trainer at TrainLifeFitTrainLifeFit
Charlene Slavens

We so appreciate the God-given talent of Rhonda! She met with us, asked the right questions and immediately understood our needs and the direction we wanted to go with our theme, logo and future. The connection with Rhonda was amazing and we look forward to her vision and genuine care for others! We are already spreading the word about Fat Dog Creatives!

Charlene SlavensWomen’s Ministry Director at Mt. Tahoma Baptist ChurchMt. Tahoma Baptist Church