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Owner and Trainer at TrainLifeFit

Sumair Bhasin

Rhonda was great to work with!

She took my ideas, sketches, and vision and turned them into

a logo that I will continue to use for years to come!

Plus, people are inspired just looking at the logo!

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On the Nose!

From branding to marketing and advertising,

Fat Dog helps sniff out the best message

for your business and audience.

Branding & Logo Design

A brand encompasses every aspect of interaction and communication a customer experiences. Logos are the face of the brand/business. As the brand’s major graphical representation, a logo anchors a company’s personality and mission and becomes the single most visible manifestation of the company within the target market.

Graphic Design

Design is present everywhere — newspaper, magazines, packaging, branding, websites, posters, books, and signage. It gives your business another visual representation. Just by looking at it you have a feeling and mental position in mind for the product or service. Good design matters.

Events & Trade Shows

From the event logo to way-finding signage and from large entrance units and hanging aisle markers to booth displays and programs, branding your event in a big way doesn’t have to mean a bank-breaking budget. Steps, floors, railings, windows, any surface in your venue can deliver your message and theme. Let’s get creative!

Fetching Designs

From the Portfolio

As a graphic designer, photographer, writer, and educator, I work with a client-focused, collaborative spirit. I evaluate the business climate and clients’ needs and synthesize significant amounts of content into smaller, digestible messages both graphically and in writing.

Dog-Gone Good Messaging & Design

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Evolution of a Logo: Bronze Star Home Team

Juan Delgado retired from the military and started a new business. When he joined Keller Williams South Sound, he wanted his real estate business to help military families moving into or finally settling into the Lacey and Olympia areas and he wanted to ease the career transitions for his military brothers and sisters. My challenge was to convey all of this with his brand identity.

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Save the Date!

Upscale or Upgrade?

Branding encompasses all the ways a business communicates and feels to its consumers. Where does your brand stand?

At Odds

Business owners are emotionally and financially attached to their business and its products and services. Often, they confess that the business’s visual representation(s) of the brand is at odds with how they feel about their own business. Or, the logo and supporting visuals don’t match how the consumers feel about the business. They don’t represent the business well. They need a facelift.

Next Level

The neighbor’s daughter’s son’s visual representation(s) may be fine for the starter mom-and-pop business, but, as the business grows, it outgrows the original designs and branding (if there ever was one). Jumping from mom-and-pop business to the next level, also means bringing the business’s visual representations and branding strategy to the next level too.


Sometimes, businesses have to restart from scratch. For example, poor employee attitudes may have affected customer service and turned business away as a result. Over time, recovering proves challenging. However, if spotted early, a business can do a complete overhaul, bring those former customers back, and even bring in new ones. It takes some counseling, education, and a rebirth of enthusiasm, and visual design should be part of this rebranding conversation.

What is holding business back?

Or, what’s potentially holding business back?

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Evolution of a Logo: Fix It Fresh

Wendy creates fresh foods packaged weekly for healthy meals that stay fresh. She's smart with her preparation--putting ingredients together that won't wilt, weaken, or sour too soon. Therefore, freshness was the key word for all design concepts.
industry or brand genericide by Rhonda Negard of Fat Dog Creatives

Industry Genericide

Photographers, real estate agents, and insurance agents, if you don't want to be seen as a dime-a-dozen, don't make your logo look like a dozen others designed on a dime. Genericide is real, and you're hurting yourselves when you jump on design trends within your own industry.

Tail Waggers


Sumair Bhasin

Rhonda was great to work with! She helped facilitate a process that is extremely important for every business owner. I would even call her an alchemist. She was able to take my ideas, sketches, and vision and turn it into a logo that I will continue to use for years to come! What’s more is that people are inspired by just looking at the logo. That’s all I could have ever wanted. Highly recommended!

Sumair BhasinOwner and Trainer at TrainLifeFitTrainLifeFit
Nicole Rosen

We knew what we wanted to convey but didn’t have the design skills needed to create it. With Rhonda’s help we now have a logo, business card designs, letterhead, personalized thank you cards, etc. We love the new brand!

Nicole RosenOwner and Photographer at Diva PhotosDiva Photos