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Owner and Trainer at TrainLifeFit

Sumair Bhasin

TrainLifeFit Sumair Bhasin

Rhonda was great to work with!

She took my ideas, sketches, and vision and turned them into

a logo that I will continue to use for years to come!

Plus, people are inspired just looking at the logo!

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Design Portfolio

As a graphic designer, photographer, writer, and educator, I work with a client-focused, collaborative spirit. I evaluate the business climate and clients’ needs and synthesize significant amounts of content into smaller, digestible messages both graphically and in writing.

Compelling Messaging & Design

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Using the senses in design to trigger memory associations

Ideas Take Shape

Designers use the senses to instill the message and/or brand in the minds' of the clients. Using memory triggers effectively can boost brand recognition and recall making it more likely to get the call when the client has a need or referral.

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Tactical Social Media branded image

Tactical Social Media

Robert Nissenbaum, social media management and SEO strategy consultancy in Tacoma, WA. Logo and social media graphics design.

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Creative Alliance of Tacoma, May meeting

Upscale or Upgrade?

Branding encompasses all the ways a business communicates and feels to its consumers. Where does your brand stand?

At Odds

Business owners are emotionally and financially attached to their business and its products and services. Often, they confess that the business’s visual representation(s) of the brand is at odds with how they feel about their own business. Or, the logo and supporting visuals don’t match how the consumers feel about the business. They don’t represent the business well. They need a facelift.

Next Level

The neighbor’s daughter’s son’s visual representation(s) may be fine for the starter mom-and-pop business, but, as the business grows, it outgrows the original designs and branding (if there ever was one). Jumping from mom-and-pop business to the next level, also means bringing the business’s visual representations and branding strategy to the next level too.


Sometimes, businesses have to restart from scratch. For example, poor employee attitudes may have affected customer service and turned business away as a result. Over time, recovering proves challenging. A business can do a complete overhaul, bringing those former customers back, and even bringing new ones. With counseling, education, and a rebirth of enthusiasm, and visual design the rebranding conversation can start.

What is holding business back?

Or, what’s potentially holding business back?

What Others Are Saying


Rhonda was great to work with! She helped facilitate a process that is extremely important for every business owner. I would even call her an alchemist. She was able to take my ideas, sketches, and vision and turn it into a logo that I will continue to use for years to come! What’s more is that people are inspired by just looking at the logo. That’s all I could have ever wanted. Highly recommended!

Sumair Bhasin
Sumair BhasinOwner and Trainer at TrainLifeFitTrainLifeFit

We knew what we wanted to convey but didn’t have the design skills needed to create it. With Rhonda’s help we now have a logo, business card designs, letterhead, personalized thank you cards, etc. We love the new brand!

Nicole Rosen
Nicole RosenOwner and Photographer at Diva PhotosDiva Photos

Rhonda is an extremely talented and creative designer. She is always able to capture the vision of her clients. I would highly recommend her services without hesitation.

Joe Zeinner
Joe ZeinnerProfessional Marketing and Technical Editor

This is not my first attempt at a new service, but I want to give it my greatest effort. My initial thoughts of a marketing strategy included Rhonda, a person who understands how insane starting a marketing campaign can be. Not only does she give me original designs and concepts, but her marketing counsel is invaluable. She helps to remind me that my services are valuable and meaningful to others. Thank you so much!

Shawn Washington
Shawn WashingtonRancher at Circle E RanchCircle E Ranch